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ACTS Prayer model

from It's Time 

by angus buchan


The prayer begins with adoration. We have lost much of the language that early believers used to express their adoration for God. For modern people, I think it is much easier do envision something awe-inspiring A beautiful sunset, The Grand Canyon, a beloved person and address God in those terms, expressing your love for the One who created all.


Next, the brave things to confession. We confess our sins and shortcomings to God not because he doesn't know what we have done or failed to do. Rather, we called him to mind so that we are aware of what in us needs forgiveness. Over time, we begin to realize the patterns off sinfulness in our lives and, hopefully, begin to turn from those actions to a more holy life.


After confession, we give out Thanksgiving to God. We can always begin by thanking God for Jesus Christ and forgiveness of sins. weekending turn to all those things for which we are grateful. rather than once a year, we are reminded daily to offer God our gratitude for all that He provided for us.


Finally, we turn to Supplication, where we ask God for what we need and what we want. only off the adoring God, examining our shortcomings, I'm giving thanks is our heart ready to seek what it desires from God. with a hot that has been placed and strengthen by the preceding parts of the prayer, we can boldly asked God to meet our needs and our desires, both for ourselves and for others.

The Acts method thus gives us a method of brave that begins with focus on God before turning to ourselves. it has us show our thanks and our regret before seeking our own desires. It helps us to move towards a more holy life and deeper relationship with God And his Son. like the Lord's prayer, the ACTS method is simple but powerful and is useful for new Christians and experienced people of prayer alike.

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