We are a part of Mighty Men Conferences, started in South African by farmer Angus Buchan in 2004.

Reports of attendees varying from a few dozen to 240. The number of attendees grew rapidly each year, with numbers reportedly rising to 600 in 2005 and 1060 in 2006. 7,400 Attendees were recorded in 2007 and 60,000 in 2008.


The final national event in 2010 was attended by up to 300,000 men and boys.


Mighty Men Conferences have continued to take place around South Africa and the world.

We allow the Lord to impact the lives of men and ensuring that they take up their rightful place in the home as King, Prophet and Priest.


The story of Angus & his family is told in the movie "Faith like Potatoes" 

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our vision

  • If a man comes to Christ and becomes good company, you can rest assured that his whole family will come to Christ.

  • The steps of a GOOD MAN are ordered by the Lord, and He DELIGHTS in His way.. Psalm 37:23

  • Only a man who's been restored an renewed through the power of the Holy Spirit can bring a solution to the dying world.

  • Men were created by GOD to watch over their wives and Children.

  • When young men understand what God wants a man to be, CHRISTIANITY becomes exciting, challenging an worthwhile.

  • The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.            James 5:16

John Wesley said.... “Revival is a people saturated with God”....